Projekt: Erhaltung der biologischen Vielfalt


International Year of Biodiversity Congress Nanjing 2012

The campaign aims to get people involved in biodiversity protection and to animate them to act “positively” (trigger behavioural change).

As a first step, public awareness of the importance of biodiversity and at the same time, the impact of the loss of biodiversity has to be raised.

Therefore, a visual identity and branding that will be applied to various information and communication tools has to be created.

It should consist of a logo and a claim and contain the term “biodiversity”.

Since biodiversity can be everything and nothing at all, the logo should take the idea of biodiversity (life itself) to a rather abstract but clearly recognizable level.


Tasks – Level 01:

You have to develop/design:

  • a Logo

Claim an Overall campaign design

  • Banners(80×200 cm,outside)
  • Posterseries(DIN A 0,outside)
  • Leaflets
  • Postcards
  • Stamps(series of six)
  • Advertisements(different sizes for newspapers and magazines)
  • Billboardposters(240×360 cm,outside)

Creative and Production Briefing

Tasks – Level 02:

You have to develop/design:

  • a Comicbook with concrete instructions protecting biodiversity for school kids
  • a Comicbook with concrete instructions protecting biodiversity for adults
  • Storyboard for a commercial


Key message

Biodiversity underpins the supply of ecosystem services for our prosperity and wellbeing, i.e. nature is working for us.
Biodiversity concerns us all. Biodiversity matters.
Loss of biodiversity = loss of quality of life (in the long run) Biodiversity = life; loss of biodiversity = death
(in the long long run)
Creative and Production Briefing
We need nature in order to survive. We enjoy nature, the clean air, the fresh water, the butterflies, the chirping of the birds; therefore we have to protect it. Nature provides us with all these things for free but we cannot keep on treating it that way.


Positive, emotional
Final notes refering to the creative work
Thought-provoking impulses, innovative, abstract and out-of-the ordinary style- and graphical elements should be used. Moreover, the whole range of colours could be used in a playful way.
Since the term nature immediately triggers the four elements (air, water, fire and wood) different icons could be created. Thereby, every icon consists of its own colour and abstract symbols. den gesamten Logo.

Tasks – Level 03:

You have to develop

  • a public day of presentations(faculty and interested public)

Target group

Target group are all the people in the world, especially the citizens of China. In order to reach the people throughout all
demographic groups, a multiplier campaign will be established.

Communication goal

Raise public awareness of the importance of biodiversity in live and the impact of a loss of biodiversity.

Background Information

1. Biodiversity in the world
2. China and global biodiversity
3. Biodiversity and climate change
4. The knowledge base
In relation to the above mentioned points these priority objectives have been identified, namely:

Creative and Production Briefing

1. Addressing most important habitants and species
2. Actions in the wider countryside and marine environment
3. Making regional development more compatible with nature
4. Reducing impacts of invasive alien species
5. Effective international governance
6. Support to biodiversity in international environment
7. Reducing negative impacts of international trade
8. Adaptation to climate change
9. Strengthening the knowledge base


Formulation of the campaign aims

  • Identification of target groups
  • Definition of the corporate identity incl. key message(s), slogan and logo
  • Build on the term biodiversity it is known by more than 60% of the people, but nobody knows exactly, what it means.
  • Provide a tangible definition of biodiversity
  • Emphasize the impact of biodiversity loss (≠ loss of species)
  • Slogan/messaging: clear slogan layered with persuasive messages and arguments
  • Biodiversity is important
  • we have to protect it,otherwise we are going to lose quality of life
  • everybody can do something
  • Provide tangible and precise instructions: What can I do to protect the environment and to ensure biodiversity?
  • Corporate identity/branding:
  • connected with an emotional commitment

Bioversity International Congress Nanjing 2012

  • 1_Biodiversity
  • 2_Biodiversity
  • 3_Biodiversity
  • 4_Biodiversity
  • 5_Biodiversity
  • 6_Biodiversity
  • 7_Biodiversity
  • 8_Biodiversity
  • 9_Biodiversity
  • 10_Biodiversity
  • 11_Biodiversity
  • 12_Biodiversity
  • 13_Biodiversity
  • 14_Biodiversity
  • 15_Biodiversity
  • 16_Biodiversity
  • 17_Biodiversity
  • 18_Biodiversity
  • 19_Biodiversity
  • 20_Biodiversity
  • 21_Biodiversity
  • 22_Biodiversity
  • 23_Biodiversity
  • 24_Biodiversity
  • 25_Biodiversity
  • 26_Biodiversity
  • 27_Biodiversity
  • 28_Biodiversity
  • 29_Biodiversity
  • 30_Biodiversity
  • 31_Biodiversity
  • 32_Biodiversity
  • 33_Biodiversity
  • 34_Biodiversity
  • 35_Biodiversity
  • 36_Biodiversity
  • 37_Biodiversity
  • 38_Biodiversity
  • 39_Biodiversity
  • 40_Biodiversity
  • 41_Biodiversity